The Ultimate Work Function Guide - Bombabar

November 03, 2020 4 min read

EVERY SO often there comes a time where working nine to five as a reliable employee all year is rewarded - the staff party. No matter the reason for the team celebration, it’s the time to blow off steam, slap backs and sometimes, find out exactly who thinks what about whom. Yes, dear Bomba community, as some can discover at the first day back at work after the party, it can be a fine line between ‘too much’ and ‘too little’.

As we embark on our own staff Christmas party (being a hospitality venue, your work Christmas party is often move to February/March where public holidays are common and the working week quietens), we’re here to recap what we’ve learned over the years with nine simple tips that will make for an enjoyable evening amongst work colleagues.


Don’t Load Up


We know. Who doesn’t love a cheeky pre-drink (or five) before working up the courage to mingle with people you spend 70% of your week with. The trick here is to arrive clear headed and on time. It’s easy to get too excited at pre-drinks, make a fool of oneself and wake with nothing more than a terrible headache and stomach of regret.

What we’re trying to say is it’s not worth it. Ditch the ‘fashionably late’ nonsense, arrive on time and start easy. A beer or vermouth should do the trick to get those conversational juices flowing.


Have a Snack Beforehand


They were wrong. Eating is NOT cheating. Eating is what responsible adults do who want to avoid entering data into Excel for the rest of their lives. Grab a cob of charcoal grilled corn, maybe grilled octopus is for you? Not only will this absorb the first lot of booze you’re enjoying at five in the afternoon, it will also carry you over if you’re too busy talking numbers and miss that first round of croquettas. You’ll have a layer of food to take you into the night so as to avoid getting too drunk too fast.


Turn Up


This one is a no-brainer really. They’re toasting to you, so get amongst it and be grateful! It’s not often corporate budgets permit free flowing alcohol and food - show that you are appreciative and willing to socialise outside of the office. If you have a partner and their work function just so happens to fall on the same night, show up. If only for a few hours. This shows that you’ve made the effort and that even amongst other personal commitments, you put work first.


Stay Off Your Phone, Trying to Make Friends Jealous?


Sure, the cocktails are pretty and the food is looking scrumptious but  have you ever caught up with a friend only to be interrupted by them constantly checking their phone? Who wants be checking work emails or taking corporate calls at an office party? Not us. Resist the urge and enjoy the company. The only reason your phone could be out is that snaps of the food and cocktails just had to be shared.


Don’t Sneak Out


Try not to leave early. If you must, ensure you say goodbye to everyone. A work function is a time to make your presence known. Leaving early or secretly could send the message that you have better things to do or that you lack the common decency to thank everyone for the evening.

They say nothing good happens after two in the morning. That may be correct, but we like to keep trying. People tend to open up and become more honest as the evening progresses, so we suggest hanging around to learn what others wouldn’t normally share amongst an office environment. Perhaps you will end up forming a bond with someone you never expected!


Know Your Limit


Don’t get too intoxicated. The obvious one here is to try and avoid mixing your drinks. No good has ever come from following a bottle of Brut Cava with several Classic Daiquiris. Although it may be tempting with all the free booze, try to pace yourself and keep track of everything that’s going on. Nobody wants to be the talk of the office come Monday morning because they couldn’t keep their shirt on. This tip can help save both your memory and dignity.


Enjoy Yourself


Last but not least, have a good time! This (in our eyes) is most important. Try to make the most of the occasion, move outside your typical ‘workgroup’ and get to know the crew from the other side of the office. We’ve seen it before - groups sticking together like gluggy rice. It’s ugly. Mingle! Not only will this show everyone you’re enjoying yourself and putting your charisma to good use, it will get the vibe flowing. 


Looking to book a Melbourne CBD function venue for your staff party? As always, Bomba’s got your back. To book your next function, contact our events team for information about our private dining downstairs for the intimate work party, or rooftop parties for the whole work crew.