Day 2 Pt 2 Eating and Drinking - Bombabar

November 02, 2020 2 min read

After being surrounded by delicious produce all day at the beautiful farm, we decided it was time to get some of that food in us.


We ventured off to Mataró and hit up a new little restaurant called La Marineta. It is headed by chef Pere Patuel, who was the head chef at Ramon Freixain Madrid. Much like anything in the food world, everyone knows everyone and we discovered that Pere had not only worked at Spanish Restaurant Nuevo 37 in Melbourne but he’d even had a bite at Bomba’s sister venue Anada.

The venue is a family affair with Pere’s Mum working the front of house and himself working in the kitchen with a small team, it’s tiny and cosy and has a great vibe.



The food itself is a lot simpler than the complex dishes of his previous cooking ventures, mostly very traditional but with the occasional modern twist or element added to spice things up. We started with some classic dishes: potato bravas and some Bombas (how could we not?).


Things kicked up a little more with our mains, the region is famous for peas and they were showcased in a dish of fresh peas, salt cod and a very indulgent and generous grating of truffle.


The other highlight was their house made morcilla, cured pork fat, white beans and a very sexy mushroom bisque, which is poured at the table for an extra sense of theatre.

We kept things very simple and classic in the sweet department, with some local strawberries and cream, which is apparently standard to finishing every meal off in the region.

After an afternoon siesta as one does after consuming large amounts of pork fat, the evening was upon us and our stomachs and hearts were calling for a bit of bodega fair and maybe a few cheeky splashes of Vermouth.

We stopped at quite a few Vermoutheries including Casa Mariol and the Morro Fi Bar
(Half Life). For us the Morro Fi bar is perfection. Much like many of these places they only offer a small selection of products but it’s all just amazing quality. We happily snacked on some pickled mackerel and other small tapas. The bar is manned by just one guy and always has a constant buzz going with 20-30 patrons enjoying themselves.


After making friends with the owner we got invited along to the soft opening for the new Morro Fi Bar “Dalt de Tot”. With the builders still whacking away and trying to get the venue complete, the chefs hop skipped and jumped around to get some food out. We finished the night off with what they do best, their vermouth blended with a generous dash of gin.