On the pintxos trail

A pintxo, pronounced “pincho,” is a small snack traditionally served in the bars, or bodegas, of northern Spain – a little mouthful eaten with your hands. It’s sometimes, but not exclusively, served on bread and often has a toothpick in the centre to hold it all together. Pintxos are smaller than tapas, which in Spain(…)

Bomba goes to Spain Dinner

Bomba goes to Spain Dinner. The Bomba boys have recently returned from their trip around Spain. Jesse and Shane embarked on their gastronomic journey to find inspiration in the food and wine to bring back home to Melbourne and share it with the public at Bomba, by holding 2 dinners and a lunch that showcase(…)

Cava and The Golden Chick Pea

After visiting the wonderful and unique vineyard Els Jelipins, our eyes and palates are set on tasting some Cava. We visit a biodynamic producer Suriol; one of the first things that really stand out from the other vineyards nearby is that Suriol is cover cropped, whilst its neighbours have been ploughed and sprayed into submission.(…)

Sumoll: The lost grape

It’s an early rise and we head south out of Barcelona towards Penedès, one of the primary white wine growing regions in Catalonia. Despite our tiredness it’s impossible not to notice the vast spread of vineyards across the land. While other grape varietals are grown in Penedès Cava, the most produced wine in Spain is(…)

A Spanish seafood cook up

The smell of the ocean and the sight of the fish at the markets made us hungry. It’s time to stop and recharge at find ourselves at a bodega – a sort of wine bar – that serves local wines and, of course, plenty of vermouth one of our current drinks of choice. While we(…)

The fish market

We are really starting to immerse our selves in the local culture. And Spain has a deep connection with the sea. First, we are in dire need of a wake-up and to get ourselves into the swing of the day. We take on the much celebrated tradition of coffee and rum. With a heavy hand(…)

Day 2 Pt 2 Eating and Drinking

After being surrounded by delicious produce all day at the beautiful farm, we decided it was time to get some of that food in us. We ventured off to Mataró and hit up a new little restaurant called La Marineta. It is headed by chef Pere Patuel, who was the head chef at Ramon Freixa(…)


COCHINILLO ASADO – SUCKLING PIG Sunday 22nd June 2014 12pm – 3pm Join chefs Jesse Gerner and Andrew Fisk as they pay homage to Castilla and the mighty suckling pig. A unique feast of the poco beast. Inspired by his recent trip to Spain, Jesse Gerner is proud to be hosting a roast with a(…)

Day 2 our visit to the farm

Our second day in Spain kicks off with an hour long drive north from our base in Barcelona to the region El Vallès Oriental, We are headed towards a very special organic farm called Verdolaga; there are lots of incredible organic farms all around Spain but not all of them are supported by Paul Santamaria,(…)

Day 1 in Spain

After a flight, tired and bleary eyed and in desperate need of a caffeine fix we arrive in Barcelona and meet up with Cesc our Catalonian guide – aka our own personal gastronomic shepherd. Cesc Castro is a proud Catalonian man. Being Catalonian, which is a trait, is something you will find in anyone from(…)

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