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This month’s Spanish wines celebrate the final months of our summer and focus on the area around Galicia. A place of sun and sea, Galician wines are traditionally light bodied and fresh – perfect for quaffing in the sun.

The whites from indigenous grape varieties in the surrounding areas include:

  • 2015 Montero Godello from Monterrei 
  • 2014 Robalino Albarino from Riax Bais
  • 2014 Maetierra ‘Atlantis’ Trexidura from Ribero
  • 2014 Gorka Izagirre from Txakoli

All are clean and fresh with varying levels of texture designed to drink with seafood, which is so prevalent in the area. Also included are lighter bodied reds made from the local Mencia grape variety, which has much in common with Pinot Noir:

  • 2013 D. Ventura ‘Burato’
  • 2012 Peique ‘Ramon Valle’

If you have any questions about Bomba Booze Club, the wine or the regions, please feel free to contact Shane at [email protected].


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