What does a Bomba Rooftop Cocktail Taste Tester Do? Interview with Rob - Bombabar

November 03, 2020 3 min read

After looking internally to fill the position and realising inebriated waitstaff, whilst entertaining, don’t do the best work, we’ve decided to go public with the latest positions available at Bomba Rooftop…

Bomba Rooftop Cocktail Taste Tester Team of six.

Uh-huh. We’re looking for six people to work their way through the new Bomba Rooftop Cocktail menu in a masterclass run by Bomba Rooftop Manager, Rob Wood. So, we asked him what it takes to pull a new rooftop cocktail menu together and what successful candidates will be in for.

BUT FIRST: Haven't applied? Do it through the pop-up on our home page.

SO, Rob, what’s the first thing you wrap your mind around when creating the new Bomba Rooftop Cocktail list, and what should cocktail taste tester candidates be expecting?

RW: Well the way I do it is to start by finding a good balance. I generally look at having something mixed, something stirred, something sweet and something sour. We undertake this by having a mix of Bomba-inspired creations, a few classics you just need to have on a cocktail list, and then our take on a few of those classics.

Secondly, you need a good mix of alcohol – you don’t want all vodka, or all gin but a good mix to suit all palates. With the Bomba cocktail menu, we kind of go to the beat of our own drum and that more often than not pleases most people who make their way to our rooftop.

Finally, seasonality is very important. Gin and white spirits are generally bigger sellers in summer, whilst in winter, heavier spirits such as bourbon and rye tend to sell better.

WHAT have you found previous staff working in the Cocktail Taste Tester Department enjoying most?

RW: Is that a serious question? When your main KPI, if you even have KPIs in this position, is to sit there, drink, learn something and talk garbage throughout, every part of the 'job' is enjoyable. What do people love learning about the most? They love shaking the drinks, it's like moths to a flame. People love learning flavour profiling and balancing. They love being able to choose their favourite spirits and then learn a thing or two as we match it really nicely with what we have on offer.

WHAT new addition to the rooftop cocktail menu is your favourite?

RW: I think my favourite is called the Big Bad Wolf. It’s basically beetroot and raspberry syrup, and that goes in with a Ardbeg 10 - a heavily peated scotch whisky - then lemon juice & cherry heering, shaken and double strained into a coupette. It's perfectly balanced and an interesting addition.

WHAT addition to the rooftop cocktail menu will the taste testers be enjoying the most do you think?

RW: Hunting for Leopards is already a big seller. Zubrowka bison grass vodka, a house-made ginger syrup, rose water and lime juice. Shaken and strained into a tall glass and topped with soda. It's our take on a Moscow mule.

And the dark horse on the menu?

RW: There’s the Laurel & Hardy – anyone who has it orders a second. Tanqueray No.10, Lillet Rosé, Pamplemousse (grapefruit) wine all stirred down with pink peppercorns and a fresh bay leaf. Served in a wine glass. It goes well with a large portion of the food on our menu and is a fantastic colour.


And after a hard week, what potion should a new rooftop cocktail taste tester, or anyone, head straight for?

RW: After a stiff one? The Last Round. It’s a stiff based cocktail with a Highland Park 12yr old whisky and melts those troubles away.

Thanks for your time, Rob. Looking forward to hearing about your first assignment with the rooftop cocktail taste test team of going through Bomba Rooftop's new winter cocktail menu. Have you applied to be one of six taste testers? Visit our home page to apply.

Happy sipping!