Bomba heads to Spain! - Bombabar

November 03, 2020 2 min read

Every now and then we like to reignite our fire and passion for our love of all things Spanish, so we do what any good Spainophile would do and head back to the country we love. After our head chef Andrew Fisk’s trip last year, the team has been getting the travel bug so this time it’s boss man and chef extraordinaire Jesse Gerner with our head wine and drinks guru Shane Barrett, along with legendary food journalist, proud Catalan and all round hooligan Cesc Castro.

While the “official” nature of this trip was to explore Spain for gastronomic and vinomous reasons, that didn’t mean a whole lot of fun couldn’t be had. From almost getting arrested to sneaking off with boxes of seafood and sneaking around the markets, it was an adventure of hijinks and culinary exploration.

In the following months Bomba will be highlighting and sharing the adventures of three amigos trip of a lifetime with food, wine, vermouth and booze laced coffee at the heart of every moment.

“We visit some of the top chefs from around the world, gain inspiration from the markets and go back and cook up some amazing feasts. We had the privilege to partake in the old male only gastronomy clubs that formed during the industrial revolution and changed the way the male population cooked across all of Spain.

We met Paul Santamaria, son of legendary chef Santi Santamaria. Paul is becoming a legend in his own right. He’s behind setting up the seed banks and farms that are producing and preserving the heirloom vegetables, and heritage breeds of animals that specific to the Basque region, which otherwise would get forgotten.

Shane dragged us along to more Vermouth distillery’s than we can remember and with good cause, as we tasted our way across the regions. Our teeth didn’t escape the fun of tasting red wine with loads of tannin for days on end, setting across many wine regions and swirling, sniffing, spitting and a fair bit of cheeky swallowing (for research purposes of course) trying to find those stand out bottles of plonk to import and bring back home to share with the public.”

This is a story of two mates, a proud Catalan man and more than the “occasional” splash of vermouth.